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The Skinny

Concord offers you peace of mind with full 100% GDPR-compliance. Choose which assets to withhold until a user consents. Use our built in compliance popup or use your own. Assets are served normally after a user opts in.

The European Court of Justice recently ruled that sites that transmit user data without the user's express consent are liable under GDPR.

You can install it for free and unlock additional features with the Pro plan.

How to Install

Powered by Cloudflare

Concord is powered by Cloudflare. If you're already using Cloudflare, click here to install Concord.


Cloudflare offers DDoS protection, a global CDN, SSL certificates, and a lot more cool stuff for free. You should probably use it.


Concord is simple and easy to use, and offers you full GDPR compliance. You can get the gist of it from the installation page but we'll dig into the full configuration details below below.

The following Default Popup Theme options are available:

Default Popup Theme

The Default Popup Theme will be used unless a Custom Popup Template is provided.

Heading Text

The consent message that will be displayed to your users.

Primary Theme Color

The primary theme color controls the background and button color.

Secondary Theme Color

The secondary theme color controls the button accents.

Privacy Info URL

A URL that contains more information about your privacy policy. If not defined, the Learn More link will be hidden.

Custom Popup Template

The Custom Popup Theme overrides the Default Popup Theme.

The following Custom Popup Template options are available:


Template to display for your consent popup. This should be a valid HTML template.


Accompanying stylesheet to your Template.

Advanced Options

The following Advanced Options are available:

Debug Mode

Send debug headers along with requests made by Concord.

Enabling this sets the following headers on Responses:

Concord-Opted-In [boolean]

Opt-in Expiry

Duration in seconds after a user opts-in until a user should be re-prompted. By default, users are never re-prompted to opt-in.

Include subdomains

When a user opts-in by default, they are only opting in on the current subdomain. They will be re-prompted if they visit another subdomain on your site. Enable this to include all subdomains when a user opts-in.

Agreement history

Concord uses the last value in the list to set the current user agreement cookie. If your policies change and you require users to opt-in again, add a unique value to this comma-separated list.


Let's say you need users to re-prompt after Privacy Policy updates, and your Privacy Policy was updated twice. In this case, your Agreement history might look like:

Agreement history: bgfa, qq12

Concord uses a default hash (Zk7QW9DVwAgGXoL0) to assign a user agreement cookie. Your Agreement history updated the hash to bgfa after the first Privacy Policy change and qq12 after the second. Just add a new unique value to your list when it changes again!


Don't delete your old Agreement history values! Keep them in your Agreement history to ensure you are always using unique values for new entries.

Script Configuration

The following Script Configuration options are available:

Script URL