🌐 Origin

The Skinny

Origin is an origin server, but without the setup and configuration. Normally, you would have to bootstrap an EC2 instance, configure a web server to render a default response, and set up DNS records to point at your domain. With Origin, you press Install and you're done.

graph LR; A[Browser] --> |request| B{Origin} style B fill:#80F6CB,stroke:#333,stroke-width:3px B --> |response| A

You can install it for free.

How to Install

Powered by Cloudflare

Origin is powered by Cloudflare. If you're already using Cloudflare, click here to install Origin.


Cloudflare offers DDoS protection, a global CDN, SSL certificates, and a lot more cool stuff for free. You should probably use it.


Origin is a lot easier to configure than a normal origin server. The installation page covers the basics but we'll cover more here.


Due to technical limitations with Cloudflare Workers, Origin will clobber any other Workers running on any routes on your domain.

The following Options is available for each static page:


Disable Mode

Temporarily bypass Origin without uninstalling it.

Origin Template

An HTML template to render when requests are made to the root of your domain, www.yoursite.com.

404 Not Found Template

An HTML template to show if a route isn't found.